I’m Nick, a software developer based out of San Diego. I’ve always had an interest in programming, and since I completed UC Berkeley’s Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails professional certificate program in 2014, I’ve been hooked on optimizing for programmer happiness and convention over configuration. Today, I’m a developer at Real HQ, and I spend a whole lot of my free time learning about new tech and working on side projects.


Analyzes Strava data to help athletes celebrate Monday finishes
Get email or Slack alerts when specific files in your GitHub repositories change

Blog posts

Continuously deploy custom Heroku error and maintenance pages from your app’s repository

Heroku recommends hosting custom error and maintenance pages on Amazon S3, but it can be easy to upload pages there, forget about them, and have them fall out of sync with the rest of your application. One solution is to have them continuously deployed from your application’s repository.

Try ending today with a failing test for a great start tomorrow

Starting with a failing test means I know exactly what to work on: making it pass. Compared to an item on a to-do list, a failing test is better at returning my mind to the state it was in when I was focused deeply on the task.

Open source contributions